Northwest Shito-Ryu Kai

Welcome to Northwest Shito-ryu Karate!

Thank you for visiting. We have been serving the Eastside community for over 20 years. 

We use the word "serving" because we are a true non-profit school, teaching classes for both kids and adults. 

Our instructors are dedicated volunteers who have many years of teaching experience. 

Kicking and punching are not the only focus of our classes. 

We try to inspire our students to build life skills and good habits that they can use for the rest of their lives. We gear our program with family involvement in mind. 

We encourage Moms and Dads to join their kids and learn together. 

In this way, they can see firsthand how martial arts training promotes the desired behavior and habits for their kids, as well as reap the benefits of good health and fitness.

Our mission is to teach our students that through martial arts training, they can reach whatever goals they may have. 

Learning to be a leader and to be the best that they can be at anything they attempt to do is always the goal. 

We want to create an environment where our students will learn that the effort they put forward will yield like results. 

Strengthening the mind by training the body is the philosophy we use to teach children, as well as adults, a lifestyle of respect, discipline, and honor.